First exhibited as part of Roundtrip Istanbul III (Borusan Art Gallery, Istanbul, 2000). Also included in Observatory (Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, 2013-14).

"The present work forms part of an ongoing photographic project entitled Atlas, dating back three years and drawing on our travels in England, where we live and work, and Turkey, which we regularly visit. These travels can be seen to be metaphorical as much as actual. Beral Madra, curator of the Borusan exhibition, describes the project as being 'an intricate work of collecting and displaying ‘memory’ and of going into the roots of ‘landscape'; a work 'dealing with perpetuity, continuation, eternity' ..."
From Arredamento magazine, November 2000

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Selected works:

S-1/99, 54°49'13"N, 2°15'36"W (recto), 2000

S-1/99, 54°49'13"N, 2°15'36"W (verso), 2000

U-1/98, 36°53'N, 27°37'E (#1); S-5/00, 37°05'14"N, 27°18'19"E; U-1/98, 36°53'N, 27°37'E (#2); M-1/98, 37°03'57"N, 27°13'70"E
Transparency films in lightboxes

54°57'N, 2°19'W, 1999

37°03'76.8"N, 27°15'84.6"E, 2000

37°05'22"N, 27°17'96"E, 2000

U-1/98, 36°53'N, 27°37'E, 1998
Transparency film in lightbox

K-1/98, 37°03'56.8"N, 27°15'77.5"E, 2000

K-1/98, 37°03'56.8"N, 27°15'77.5"E (section 1), 2000

Photographs copyright © Barbara & Zafer Baran