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Camera-less photographs, first exhibited at The Blue Gallery, London, 2003. Further shows include Rose c’est la vie: On Flowers in Contemporary Art (Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2004), The Garden of Earthly Delights (Borusan Art Gallery, Istanbul, 2005), ‘Camera-less Photography: Recent Gifts to the V&A Collection (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2005–08), and Observatory (Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, 2013-14).

"As the exhibition title, 'Ephemera', implies, these camera-less photographs deal essentially with such core concepts as creation, beyond and alongside an intricately post-Modern raft of references to the whole history of photography ... In gorgeously sensual, delicately crafted close-ups, cross sections, composites and arrangements of cut flowers, corollas, petals, pistils, pollen and stems; in subtle shades of colour, from white, through yellow, orange, red, violet to vivid blues and greens, set off by deepest black, their ‘Ephemera’ visualise the cyclical nature of life that governs every species ..."
Richard Pinsent, The Art Newspaper, March 2003

"... The Barans’ findings are less bleak than those of their German counterparts but for all that no less elemental. They too seem to want to invoke an originating moment before the separations were made and the parts identified. With their attachment to refined colouring and to the aromas of beauty, they may not look like radical contemporaries but that is exactly what they are."
From Ephemera catalogue text by Ian Jeffrey, 2003

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Ephemera #147 (diptych), 2002

Photographs copyright © Barbara & Zafer Baran