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Star Drawings
First exhibited at England & Co, London, 2011. Further shows include Wandering Lines: Automatic Drawing to Abstraction (England & Co, London, 2011 and 2012), Flux, Flow, Flight: Art in Motion (Orleans House Gallery, London 2011-12), Oriel Davies Open 2012 (Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales, 2012), Observatory (Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, 2013-14), and Moon and Star Drawings (Galeri Mana, Istanbul, 2014).

The Star Drawings - a form of kinetic light painting - are a hybrid between drawing and photography, and an offshoot from celestial photography (or astrophotography) in particular. Unlike works such as Picasso’s 'light drawings' or Man Ray’s 'space writings', which use an artificial light source as the drawing medium, the star drawings are made purely with the aid of starlight, using the moon and stars as 'pencils'.

"In Star Drawings, images are generated against the night sky, using the camera frame as a blank sheet of paper and the stars and moon as a pencil. Drawing here merges with the stars - one of humankind’s earliest sources of inspiration. Creating diverse shapes in the sky through the movement of the camera, the Barans capture, in the darkness of the night, a narrative that has a calligraphic and poetic ring."
From Observatory catalogue text by Sena Cakirkaya, 2013

"The night sky and stars are at the heart of human history, myth, science, religion, literature and art. The Star Drawings are a highly subjective voyage through the heavens, as well as a personal exploration of the act of drawing itself ... The works in the exhibition are a small fraction of the many hundreds of star drawings produced by the Barans over numerous sessions since early 2009."
From exhibition text, England & Co, 2011

Star Drawing 6796 / Moon and Star Drawing 7240, 2012

Photographs copyright © Barbara & Zafer Baran