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Turner’s View: Synthetic Cloud Series I
First exhibited at England & Co, London, 2011. Further shows include Fields of Vision: Landscapes Past and Present (Orleans House Gallery, London, 2012) and Observatory (Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, 2013-14). Nominated for Prix Pictet 2010 and 2016.

"Pink and orange stripes across a blue sky, then turning to liquid metal, with swifts playing high above. The only cloud, as it were, is that the stripes didn’t begin as clouds but as contrails, which are having a major climate change impact. It’s remarkable how many of them there are and (when the atmospheric conditions are right) how thickly they spread across the top of the sky as the dawn proceeds."
Marek Mayer (1952–2005), environmental journalist

"... The skies above Richmond Hill, which the artists depict - as the English painter J.M.W. Turner once did - are now dominated by the flight paths of aircraft as they fly at high altitude over London. Turner painted his atmospheric views of the sky two centuries ago, at the height of the Industrial Revolution; today a different dramatic effect is created by the clouds that develop from contrails left by passing aircraft. The artifiicial and deceptive landscapes formed as these slender lines turn into cirrus clouds act as viusal signifiers of populaion movements, of technological advances and air pollution ..."
From Observatory catalogue text by Sena Cakirkaya, 2013

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Photographs copyright © Barbara & Zafer Baran