Xanthos / Letoon
Camera-less photographs, first exhibited at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, 2013-14.
"The series takes its title from the administrative and religious centres of the Lycian civilization, situated in present-day Turkey. While the most important artefacts from Xanthos are now exhibited far from their land of origin, in the British Museum, the Barans go in search of seeds and botanical specimens from this archaeological region: simple, obscure organisms ... silent settlers that continue their existence as the oldest guests to live in Xanthos and Letoon."

From Observatory catalogue text by Sena Cakirkaya, 2013


Selected works:

Letoon 8, 2007

Xanthos 7 (verso and recto), 2007

Xanthos 16, 2007

Letoon 15, 2007

Xanthos 11, 3, 1, 2007

Xanthos 2, 2007

Photographs copyright © Barbara & Zafer Baran